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Kick start your party in style and book the Best Cocktail Classes in Chicago where you will learn the beautiful art called Mixology!
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Cocktail Mixology Classes Chicago

Fun Cocktail Master Classes in Chicago, learn how to shake like a Pro!
Are you looking for a fun activity to  incorporate in your office day out or at  team building event with your clients?   Take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to  stand alongside some of Chicago’s most  innovative mixologists as you stir and shake  your way to your own signature cocktail.  Cocktail Classes - great for team building,  bachelorette and birthday parties and special  occasions or to simply add a little flavour to  your night out. !
Book one of our Cocktail Classes in  Chicago and let us look after your ladies  in style!   Whether you prefer mojitos or martinis,  margaritas or a Mai Tai, the cocktail bartenders  will teach you how to mix up to three classic  cocktails with the flair and finesse of a pro.  You'll learn the history of each cocktail before,  the best bit, making and drinking them!   Want to know more? Send us an email here! 
Is your long awaited Birthday Party  coming soon and you are stuck for ideas?   The Chicago’s Cocktail Classes gives you the  chance to get behind the bar and learn the  basics of cocktail making. From Mojitos to  Manhattans, we’’ teach you how it's done and  then let you take the reins and have a go  yourself.   Book one of our Cocktail Classes in Chicago and  let us look after your ladies in style!  

Best Corporate Mixology Classes in Chicago

With excellent central location, great cocktails and music join our  Cocktail Classes in Chicago and polish your cocktail making skills and  learn the tricks of the trade. The perfect Team Building Activity a  Mixology Class will provide a unique environment, it engenders team  work and skill building as you will all work together to create a  delicious cocktail.  

Cocktail Mixology Classes Chicago

Cocktail Mixology Classes are the perfect bonding tool for your team.  Whether you are trying to raise morale or reward performance, there  is no better way than giving your team the tools and expert tuition to  make some great cocktails that they can then drink!   Cocktail Classes Chicago is the best choice when looking for Cocktail Classes in Chicago. We book up  classes well in advance so don't hang around if your event is coming up soon! Our Mixology Classes in  Chicago are a comprehensive and fun experience for all, for further details send us an email here! 

Want to learn how to make amazing cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment? Keep reading, the following is for you. Our classes... 
  Best Mixology Classes in  Chicago, hosted in 4 locations around town for  your convenience our Cocktail Classes in Chicago  are the best Office Day Out Team Building Activity!
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  Learn how to make the  most amazing cocktails and have a great time  while you are at it! Our Fun Mixology Classes for  Bachelorette Parties in Chicago will kick start your  night in style!
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Team Building Mixology Classes Chicago

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If you are looking for a Cocktail Class in Chicago, look no further than Mixology Chicago, who have four bars in the city, each of which offer a cocktail class!
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Fun Cocktail Workshop Chicago

Fun Team Building, Bachelorette & Birthday Party Cocktail Mixology Classes in Chicago

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Mixology Classes Chicago
The Perfect Team Building Activity or  Birthday & Bachelorette Party kick start.  Want to know more?
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Become a cocktail master with a private class from Mixology Classes Chicago’s  talented  mixologist’s! Your 90-minute interactive Mixology Class will have you shaking, straining  and muddling like a pro. Book a cocktail class with Mixology Group US, it's a  great  alternative to a regular night out and become a master in the art of cocktail  making.    Cover the techniques of shaking, stirring, straining and muddling. Then get your  hands  dirty at making 3 fabulous cocktail creations, and yes, you get to enjoy the  fruits of your  labour!  Join  our Mixology Classes in Chicago and we will share the  secret behind making  the perfect Cosmopolitan or the much loved Manhattan, a  refreshing Mojito or the  sparkling Champagne Cocktail! 
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Discover our Great Cocktail Courses in Chicago with Mixology Group USA - Discover Chicago! We also cover: - New York          - Los Angeles     - Boston - Pittsburgh         - Las Vegas        - DC - New Jersey        - Atlanta            - Chicago
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Mixology Classes Chicago

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Cocktail Mixology Classes Chicago